Free Eisley Show - Get Tickets Here

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Free Eisley Show - Get Tickets Here

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dsasda special kind of for you.

The End of the Heat.

Hello everyone. We're still out with Hot Hot Heat...if only for one final, epic show. By the time you get this, the end of an era will have slipped away without fanfare and subsided into the annals of small town, rock history. (sad smiley face) There is much news to download, but I'll dispense with the verbose-uoso.

YAHOO and Eisley - The Short History

Remember Yahoo's - "Who's Next" contest a few months ago? - when Eisley, ended up the unlikely winners? - and subsequently, Yahoo shot the band performing Telescope Eyes live in their studios in Santa Monica? - and the clip was put on their web site for several guh-zillions of Yahoo surfers/music lovers ears and eyes to behold? ... ey&x=0&y=0

Well, apparently, the good vibe between Yahoo and Eisley resulting from those goings on's brought about this amazing 4 show opportunity:

The YAHOO Tour:

Here are the dates immediately followed by how to get FREE tickets on line:

New York, NY - August 16. Bowery Ballroom
Chicago, IL - August 18. The Double Door
Detroit, MI - August 19. The Magic Bag
Los Angeles, CA - August 22. Troubadour

How to Snag Tickets

This headlining tour for Eisley is an amazing opportunity - as Yahoo is really going all out on promoting these shows. Hope you guys can make it. Click here for tickets - - and for more details, please go to Eisley/Yahoo Tour Central on our forum: ... e01b824191

Epic Eisley News. The Winds of Change.
No time to address wordy, sensitive topic this in something as boiler-plate an e-blast, but this is an important read, guys.
. ... hp?t=17361

Gotta get on the road to Seattle. 15 hr. drive. As always, tune into road journals and extremely updated news. ... 3c6a966987

Take care, yall.

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