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1:30 or 13 and 1/2 bells :roll:

Jonsey played Queen's "Shear Heart attack"(?)

:D :D :D :D

Then he went on and on in his irritating way
...oh and he threaten with a punch to the face.
...that never fails to amuse...

Then he played a bunch of commercials
(cause he wanted to...)
Then he played some more commercials

Shloemoe losing interest.....nap sounds good?
I'm only listening now so I can post this report. :wink:

1:37 lost me stream

1:38 ok stream

Then he starting playing a song that sounded like
a commercial....but was a stall? tune

Then he played guitar "save the last dance for me"
damn glad I tuned in for this...

Then he played "sweet lil rock n roller"

:D :D :D :D :D

Then Shloemoe tired from all the typing about
the box and took a nap.....
Having abandoned my search for truth,
I am now looking for a good fantasy.
--Anonymous Internet Sage

...Some men...ya just can't reach...
--The Captain from "Cool Hand Luke"
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